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About us :

The desert walking retreat has been offered for many years by

the Brothers of Saint-John.

The Brothers of St John are an international religious community focused on teaching the laity and providing spiritual oases in the midst of our busy world. This retreat is organized by the London Priory, currently serving St Antony's Catholic Church in Forest Gate. 

Friars adoring the Blessed Sacrament

Eucharistic Adoration in Rimont, France

Meet the team

The 2024 edition will be led by fr Arnaud-Charbel and preached by Deacon Vladimir.

Both of them currently reside at St Antony's Church in Forest Gate, London.

Catherine is our "Base Camp Manager". She is available for information, help with the registration, and will be the contact person in London during the retreat.

All the logistic part, in Morocco is managed by Hassan, our friendly guide from "Esprit Berbère".

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